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wow such wrap

wow such wrap

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Wow! Such Gift! Much Surprise! - Kabosu Doge Meme Wrapping Paper


🎁 Wrap Your Gifts in Wow


Introducing the ultimate wrapping paper for meme enthusiasts - the Kabosu Doge Meme Wrapping Paper! Featuring the iconic Shiba Inu, Kabosu, who stole the hearts of the internet, this paper is sure to add a wow factor to any gift.


🐶 Why It's Pawsome:

- Doge Approved: Each sheet showcases the adorable face of Kabosu, complete with her famous, quizzical expression that sparked the legendary Doge meme.

- Much Quality: Made with high-quality, durable paper that's easy to fold and tough enough to hide your precious gifts.

- So Design: Bright, vibrant colors and the classic Comic Sans font we all associate with Doge speak, making your gifts not just presents, but a meme-tastic experience.

- Wow Size: Comes in multiple sizes to fit your gifts just right


🎉 Perfect For:

- Meme Lovers: Surprise your friends who live on the internet with this meme-tastic wrapping paper.

- Doge Admirers: For those who can't get enough of Kabosu’s adorable face.

- Unique Occasions: Stand out at birthday parties, Christmas, or any gift-giving event with a wrap that screams internet culture.


🛍️ Get Your Paws on It:

Don't settle for boring, everyday wrapping paper. Choose Kabosu Doge Meme Wrapping Paper and make your gifts the talk of the town. Wow your friends and family with a wrapping that's as unforgettable as the gift inside! Make your recipients the weird people who save used wrapping paper!


Let the power of Doge make your gifts legendary!


.: Material: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available in three sizes: 30" × 36", 30" × 72" and 30" x 180"
.: One side print
.: Matte or glossy finish
.: Paper sourced from Germany

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