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Life Size Doge Statue

Life Size Doge Statue

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Own the Iconic Legend

Full-Size Bronze Statue of the Doge, Kabosu - A Tribute to Doge DayMuch wow! Introducing the ultimate collectible for Doge enthusiasts and meme connoisseurs alike - a full-size bronze statue of the beloved internet celebrity, Kabosu! Crafted with the artistry worthy of meme royalty, this 1:1 replica celebrates the very essence of Doge Day, unveiled in Sakura, Japan, on November 2, 2023. Such history, many memory


Behold, the grandeur of Kabosu, immortalized in bronze! Each detail, from the knowing gaze to the playful tilt of the head, has been meticulously replicated to capture the spirit of the Doge that captured the internet’s heart. Standing proud at full size, this statue is not just a piece of art; it’s a piece of history, embodying the joy and camaraderie of the Doge community.

Special Features

- Authentic Replica: Crafted with precision, a true homage to Kabosu, mirroring the original statue’s charm and splendor.

- Made in Japan: Handmade by the same Japanese artisans that made the real life statue on display in Sakura

- Premium Materials: Cast in high-quality bronze, ensuring your statue not only looks magnificent but lasts for generations.

- Worldwide Homage: Celebrates the first Doge Day in Sakura, Japan, bringing a piece of meme history to your doorstep.


Much Important Details

- Made to Order: Such craftsmanship, very patience! Remember, this iconic piece is made to order, reflecting the dedication to quality and detail. Crafting your statue will take time, ensuring it’s just perfect.

- Price & Shipping: Wow, includes worldwide shipping! No need to worry about extra fees to get this legendary statue to your door, anywhere on the globe. We’ll coordinate with you for full details and transit.

- Want to pay with crypto? Please email us directly at to arrange a crypto payment.


This masterpiece is crafted with dedication and attention to detail, capturing the essence of Kabosu in bronze for eternity. As it is made to order, we ask for your patience and understanding in the creation process, ensuring you receive a piece worthy of Doge Day celebration. This is specifically the statue of Kabosu the Doge, not the stone couch or bronze cats.


Own a piece of internet history, celebrate the joy Kabosu has brought to the world, and keep the spirit of Doge alive in your home or office. Such statue, very collectible, wow!

Order Now & Own the Ultimate Tribute to the Doge Legacy 

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