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Doge Mini Statue

Doge Mini Statue

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Such Rare: The Doge Mini Statue

Get ready for an amaze with Own The Doge’s super limited-edition Kabosu Mini Statue. This isn’t just any statue; it’s a tribute to Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who became the face of the legendary Doge meme, and an exact miniature replica of the one we unveiled in Sakura, Japan in Kabosu’s favorite park on Doge Day 2023. Such history, very culture

Please note: this item is very heavy, it's a fully solid metal, and bronze plated mini figurine, shipping might be high due to this factor depending on your location. Sorry, free shipping doesn't apply to this product.

Product Highlights

- Very Limited: A maximum of 420 pieces - Such exclusive, much rare. Be one of the few to own a piece of the internet that’s more meme-orable than ever.

- So Craftsmanship: Each statue is based on the original lifesize statue in Sakura, Japan, with the spirit of the Doge meme - much wow, very likeness. It’s like Kabosu is right there, guarding your papers from the breeze of forgetfulness.

- Quality Material: Made from solid cast metal and weighing in over 2lb/1kg, this mini-statue is not just a nod to meme culture; it’s a durable, elegant desk buddy. So quality, much lasting.

- Perfect Size: Ideal for paperweight duties or just making your desk look awesome. Not too big, not too smol. Just right for maximum desk wow.

- Much Joy: More than a simple statue, it’s a daily reminder to embrace silliness, and Do Only Good Everyday.

Such Support, Many Legacies: Every purchase is a high-five to digital culture. You’re not just getting a statue; you’re preserving the lols of the Doge meme for future generations, and a portion of every sale goes to Doge herself. So support, much appreciate.Embrace the spirit of the Doge with your very own Kabosu Paperweight Statue. But hurry – with a maximum of 420 statues, it’s a race to grab a slice of meme magic. Own The Doge: where the internet’s favorite Shiba Inu turns into timeless artistry.

Wow. So desk. Much iconic.


These are being produced as orders are made, and may take a few weeks. 

Shipping is estimated in May

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