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Doge Acrylic Print

Doge Acrylic Print

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Wow, such art, much impress! Introducing the ultimate wall decor for meme enthusiasts - the Doge Acrylic Wall Art! This ain't your regular wall art, frens.

- Materialz: Super clear acrylic, but wait, there's more! It's got a fancy white vinyl backing that makes Doge pop like he's right there with you.

- Thiccness: This piece is a solid 0.75 inches (that's 1.9 cm for the metric frens) thicc. Feels like quality, wow.

- Glassy Look: The image of the most famous shibe looks like it's embedded in glass. So shiny, much classy.

- Printin' Tech: We do this cool thing called second-surface printing directly on ¼” Acrylic. It's like Doge is inside the acrylic, lookin' out at ya.

- Ready to Hang: No fuss, much wow. It floats 1.5” off the wall, giving it that awesome 3D effect.

- Slightly Rounded Corners: No sharp edges here, only smooth, rounded corners. Safety first, amirite?

- Made in USA: Assembled right here in the USA with parts from all over the world. Global shibe, local love.

Grab this amazing piece of meme history and make your walls the talk of the town. Very wall art, much style! Sorry, this item doesn't qualify for free shipping :(

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