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D'EAUGE - Wet Doge Cologne

D'EAUGE - Wet Doge Cologne

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D'EAUGE - The Wet Doge Cologne

🚀 Such scent. Very wow. 🚀

Introducing D'EAUGE, the fragrance that captures the timeless essence of wet doge. For the shibe who isn't afraid to shake things up. Because, let's be honest, nothing says class and sophistication like the captivating scent of damp canine.

🌊 Top Notes: Fresh rainwater, hint of dog park, and the first splash of a puddle jump.

🌳 Middle Notes: Majestic wet fur, eau de tennis ball, and the delicate musk of an impromptu mud roll.

🔥 Base Notes: Warm, cozy towel, a touch of playful chase, followed by the all-encompassing embrace of the doge snuggle.

🐾 Experience: Venture into a world where the aroma of adventure collides with the warm snuggles of home. Evoke memories of rain-soaked fur, muddy paws, and that unmistakable 'just got wet' charisma. A scent so profound, it'll have you asking: "Is it raining, or is it just my D'EAUGE?"

🚀 Presentation: Each bottle is delicately crafted with a subtle paw print design, sealed with a luxurious cap. Display it with pride, knowing that you're now part of an elite club - the wet doge aficionados.

Such prestige. Much luxury.

Wear D'EAUGE and make a statement, even if it's just: "I ran through the sprinklers." Perfect for any occasion, whether you're attending a fancy ball or just digging up the backyard.

Join the revolution. Be iconic. Be wet. Be D'EAUGE.

Warning: May attract a parade of tail-waggers and an uncontrollable urge to chase balls.

D'EAUGE: Much more than a scent. It's a movement.

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